Monday, May 9, 2011

Where Has It Got You

I know my subject matter before I even come to this place but yet, as I name the post I realize you, the reader may be expecting something different. We each interpret things in different ways and the freedom of speech and mind is such a wonderful thing. I also know that at the end of this post you may not understand what I am trying to get across anymore than you do now. I write anyway.....sometimes this is a selfish thing. To express, vent, release.

I journeyed back through time via many journals the other day trying to find just one appropriate mothers day poem to send to someone's mom. I nearly failed and was slightly amused and often dissappointed with what I read. The only allowance I can give myself is that I was very young when most of the journal entries were written. As time has gone on I have progressed and change can be a good thing.

I recently spoke to someone very dear to me that said "those things haven't gotten me anywhere" when I pointed out that particular persons special abilites and qualities. It didn't come to me quick enough to respond but I thought later that yes, it did get that person somewhere. It got them right into my heart. The little things that endear us to one another sometimes are not so visible to ourselves. We are our own worst critics.

I challenge you to step outside yourself and look at yourself in a different light. Think of the very things that make you unique and magnify them if you must. This is what a person does when he or she cares deeply for another. We see the good, the sweet, the light and dance and step around the shadows that we just do not register.

Stop thinking of the places you have not been but rather focus on the places you have yet to get to. Make a plan, map them out and love the very things that make you who you are so another can journey with you.

Imagine two sitting side by side completely at ease and one is barely hanging on to life and hope. The other is oblivious to a point on this matter until this moment when they sit side by side. "Oblivious" is slightly stunned and set back. "Oblivious" has been viewing this other in sunshine and moonshine and not shadows. "Oblivious" is sadden by this truth and does not know exactly what to do with it. "Oblivious" is now "Barely hanging on". What "Barely hanging on" does not know is that "Oblivious" understands utterly and completely.

Now, realize that what I write is part truth, part experience and part fiction. Thoughts grow, manifest and sometimes fester. Plant seeds of change and love, encouragement and empowerment. You reap what you sow. In my other life, I was to be either counselor, florist or decorator. I am none of these. I work in an office, I write and I design jewelry. I have had my share of struggles but choose to focus on what I have and not what I don't have.

A vague and rambling post, I know. Let's not worry about where we have gone, only where we are going now. Be happy with what you have and let life be wonderful. Accept that you are unique and that anyone crossing your path today was blessed by your presence.