Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rules of Behavior

Whose rules do you follow
whose lead do you take
whose music makes you wonder
and how far do you haste

As rules do push
and bellow at us so
whose rules do you follow
and where do they have you go

To confinements or ridicule
to work or play
to ship shore and seaman

Whose rules do you follow and
whose do you abhor
whose hand does bring you to pleasure
whose fellow makes you cringe with ease

whose mighty winged gallows
swing fairly and tease
whose model do you peruse
and whose shift do you shy away from

To glorious unknowns
and hallowed halls of none
whose hammer builds and does not destroy
whose tools pick and pry

To perform masterful duties in the blink of a pretty eye
to crumble and incinerate
to fully love and passionately hate

whose rules