Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Joy in Music

I received a text at 5:06pm Tuesday ...."are you going to the Red Heart Alarm show tonight?"....

One hour later I was headed across town with my friend of many years to go see one of my favorite groups with no idea of who was playing on the bill with them. Red Heart Alarm ~ my favorite of many years, this is the group I am going out to show my support for. I try to attend as many shows as I can to support people I know putting their music and art out there and this group gets me out of the house on a night that I would normally already be settled in for a cozy night under purple blankets.

Even when I try I can't stay still. My body sways to their music and I know most of the words so when no one is listening or just cant hear me, I sing along. Before I know it I'm usually stomping my feet and grinning. If there is no dance floor and I can't "make" one, I sit and smack my thigh in appreciation and watch as I hear individual parts and peer around wood beams as I hear the drummer Donovan bring the house to cheers. When my friends are with me as was the case last night, we dance side by side grinning at each other.

Songs are a myriad of words woven together with tones that set our minds at ease...
get our hearts pumping...
spread smiles across our faces...
uncage our true selves so that we can feel..

Joy in Music

If you haven't been uplifted, forced to think on a memory from long ago, dance until your feet hurt...well maybe your just listening to the wrong music.

Enjoy Red Heart Alarm here...

Gotta love her now or die alone...

Sounds so absolute and a bit sad while also so true. A perfect line within a song sung by a group of young men so full of positive energy you cant help but smile while you dance along with their fantastic stage prancing and stomping.

Rhythm! O my goodness do they have it! I am in awe of how a group can perform on such a small stage let alone capture the attention of everyone because they have commandeered every inch within reach of their soles and have even taken flight from wooden crates.

Violins, harmonica, upright bass, guitar and drums! Can you play more than one drum at once, one being held by another and sing AND dance AND smile?? :)

Catch a listen here

Or here....this is the show I attended with a friend and I ummm...well I danced so much my hair was sweaty. Yep, I just admitted that. Had great fun! Thank you to Magic Giant for coming to Seattle to spread the music cheer!

When's the last time you truly FELT music?