Saturday, March 26, 2011

Once Upon a Time I Was on a Dating Site

I changed my profile over and over. At times, I would hide my profile for weeks on end. Many who I saw online or emailed me never sparked an interest at all. Every once in a while I would go on a date or make a friend. No one ever measured up to the ideal I had in my head sketched out only for me to see.

I am a many layered sweet onion who is boxed into an office out of necessity. If I could venture out on my own and create a business built out of love and creativity and still take care of my kids, I would do it in a half a heartbeat.

I have been called an oddity. Odd. An inspiration. A light. Too good to be true. Empathtic. Moody. I am all of these and more. I prefer thrift stores over malls, live music versus radio, sailboat or rowboat over speedboat. I ride ferries to nowhere just to be on the water. I climb rocks just out of reach of most people so I can watch the tide as it rises. I know exactly who I am and what kind of person I should be with.

I'm looking for another sweet onion, with many layers that never seem to end. One that makes you cry because you know just how sweet, deep and complicated they are and its so incredibly awesome it overwhelmes you at times. You know that when they leave it will hurt greatly but you enjoy them while you can anyway. You live in the moment with them.

Here's a revised bit of my profile from a dating site I was longer feeling the need to be on it. I have meet a sweet onion that I am enjoying.

If you have viewed me more than once, ...drop a line and say hello....I don't bite...If I have viewed you more than once its because I'm curious but mulling it over...drop a line and say hi to me. Let's play twenty questions....

Dating...nothing serious...seriously, this is what I am looking for. the big "however" here I read profiles on here where a man will say "If only women meant what they said" in regards to what they are looking for. Here's the thing when you meet someone that you click, mesh or simply fall in love with all intentions of keeping it simple go out the door. I am ready for something more but I am waiting for that one right moment...the one right man.

All the women want is to not be kept in the dark about what a mans intentions or thoughts are. We are not always the best mind readers. If there is no click or spark, just say so nicely, no harm done.

I am not a cynic, I am a sap and sincerely hope that a combination of Johnny Depp and Rhett Butler is as we speak riding his white horse up my hill to take me down to the beach for a moonlight walk. If you don't somehow find that funny, move along.

I am extremely expressive in my writing and this trait tends to show through when I thoroughly enjoy someone's company. Being a creative type, not only do I write but I also design jewelry, paint, decoupage, work with clay and sew. I believe the items a person wears tells a little bit of a story about who they are. I don't believe in hiding behind labels or veils of any kind.

I am whitty, serious, fun, loyal and when I grow up I want to learn karate. I think plastic bugs in jello are funny. My shoes are white with cross bones and skulls. The last color I painted my toenails was gunmetal. My favorite book to read is "Opening to You" it is a Zen inspired translation of the Psalms by Norman Fischer.

I enjoy pizza, beer and a movie as much as fine dining. I appreciate the little joys in life and would like to find someone not afraid to slow down and enjoy them with me. Simple joys in case you don't know are campfires, walking on the beach, laughter, holding hands with someone special, sand on your toes, sunshine, family, music and the stars in the sky. I have no problem going out to eat by myself however, would love some company to chat with the next time I do so.

It would be easier to say what foods I don't like instead of which ones I do. I don't care for lima beans or liver. The same goes for music, easier to say what I don't care for which would be some rap.

I do believe in being true to yourself and having your own interests as well as making time for a special someone in your life. Balance is essential. I make time for people in my life. Honesty and communication is a priority. I am open to meeting at least once, from there we will see. I am independent with my own dreams but will make time for someone worth the time. Is that you?

Love and Blessings to all....