Friday, September 26, 2014

Banger Sista

The Banger Sisters.
Which one are you
I adore you
The banger sisters
which one are you
did you don your pink shaded glasses and drive off into the blue
The banger sisters
which one are you
get your beige and throw it on
out the window
onto the lawn
The banger sisters
Which one are you
cat call to you
slinky sista on dance floor
laying music to my tunes
The banger sisters
drawing to a close
mixing minx looking sideways glances
dance floor moves and pose
The banger sisters
which one are you
miss pinky
shaded glasses
in throws

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Walking with My Sweetness

Monday, March 22, 2010

Walking with My Sweetness

You are deep seeded
not only in my heart
but in my head
In my very being

Every step, every smile
reflects and projects you

You are my beginning
and my sweet ending
the opening and close
of all my days

Permanence is what I seek
even if it be to forever
walk by your side
or simply to say
I have been blessed to know you

You do bring sweetness
to my every waking moment
I humbly admit
I realize, even
in the still of the night

Which, if I be honest
are often spent restless
without you

While I know I can walk
for days outwardly appearing
alone, I am never truly alone
for I am walking with you,
my sweetness
by my side