Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rose Runs Red

Rose runs red
a trickle here and there
she pains and strains
with precise decision

Rose runs red
just a trickle
here and there
she seeps and weeps
with demise and contrite

From stain and gain
a trickle here and there
Rose runs red
Sweet rose
that stains the lips

Rose runs red
a trickle, just a trickle
she's fickle
She takes her hand
and runs it back and forth

Picks up and leaps
sweeps the banter
and calls the canter
chuckles at laughter
and wags her tail

Rose runs red
a bit deep
enough, enough has been said
Rose runs and thus is red

Red from exhaustion
Red from shame
Red from trickling
a bit here and there

Rose runs no more
for Rose is empty and
has fallen to the floor

Sweet Rose is laying
in red piles
a shamble ramble bamble
sputtering red about
Red has run from Rose

and covered the floor
Rose runs red no more