Monday, March 3, 2014

Abigail Muse

I think there's something to be said
for remaining one
I see it all the time
and wonder
I know
I could have done it alone
its not as tho I need or desire to
as I am now
lacking zest and zing
but there
all alone I can not sing
I could see it
not having to ponder
what's in another's head or heart
what’s in harmony and what is not
erstwhile I be
content and complex
crying leaving thee
a rattle of time
shaken me up so
poured me a fifth
drank me an edible
left me dizzy with
abandonment and captured
my lost soul
deathly mother
withered and beat
critter wasted and left at creek
rosey red chilled cheeks
fallen to ground and left alone
she tore off the cumbersome crown
spilled droplets of blood
to her wanton tongue
tasted a bit of freedom
and again was one
Tera Wolf
8:03pm 3/3/14