Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deaths Bells

A little comment before this next peice: after reading this to someone they said "you don't write about deaths bells! you write about puppy dogs, rainbows and fluffy clouds" To which I say " I did write about deaths bells and I liked it ;)


Shall I say you are dead to me
for I shan't fall at your feet once more

The bells!
The bells!

They do ring for me
Death, you are dead
banging on my door

Heavy carved wood that hurts to pound
but there you are
you are dead
to me
for I shan't fall at your feet anymore

Stand up and answer
Deaths bells!
Ringing loud for me
they call me out
with chants and shouts

Deep and resonating
the knightwatchman stands still
waxes and wanes serene

He comes for me
sweet release
final answer
to deaths bells
to grab my soul

in lock down

Drag me unwillingly
or let me fall down
deaths deep ringing bells
pull me down

Breath the earth
clutch dust and dirt
embrace enveloping darkness
as shadows and shifts
they leave my face

Pull hair in agony
feel and see my pain

Deaths bells
do wax and wane

written 8/26/12

Whose Child Is This

Whose child is this
the one standing here
he's not mine
I'm certain
it's clear

whose child is this
the one with breath
the one standing here
all be it his best

He's not mine
I'm certainly clear
stand up
sit down
clown round

over here

he's not mine
I'm certain
vaguely clear

who's this kid
standing here

He's ragged
He's muffled
he's ruffled at best

He's not mine
I'm sure
to jest

who is it
He's not mine
the one right here

He's still in me
I'm bulging
its clear

He can't be mine
I'm not ready yet

That's where I'm at

who is he
are you sure

he's not mine
I beg to differ

summer was over
and still I shout
 whose child is this
with little clout


Shame to thee

Shout explanations
sing to me
It's over
it's summer yet
whose child is this
clamored and yet

He can't be mine
of this I'm sure
I beg to differ
for he's in me yet

written 8/20/2012

Miss Abby, she dashes

Why am I here
they shun me so
with fallen looks and pigeon toes
to seek and see
what shan't be there
Miss Abby
she dashes
fragile spirit
leaden tongue
quick witted
and sure to none
written purpose
cold and bare
why am I
why am I here

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Death and Destruction

There is no beauty here within
only death, destruction and necrotic skin
blackened night leads to red sky days

scatter scant people
run away

chant the song to live long and well
raise the fire and hear them yell

there is no glory here within
this hearts filled with bloody sin
created by one after another
of murderous wins

written Jan 17, 2012