Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Not Quite Pond Scum

You know the ones
the pond scum
They rest on top the murky waters
and invite all types of creatures
to hide beneath its green slimy veneer

They are not even pond scum
they are lower on the food chain
than slime and such
they are vapors
they feed off others
and create noxious gas

they are pond scum vapors
the ones that lurk
and smirk
while acting as if they are not
just pond scum vapors

I knew such a slime gathering
with a human name
that let his wife waste away
barely living
her frail body in decay
while he be happy with fat

he would bang her bones on this and that
and call it nothing
as if

just give him a whack
I dare say he needed that

but instead we turned his life
upside down with taxi
in middle of night to rumble away

with babe and wife in midst of play
finally able to smile at ease once the plane
took off and caught swift breeze
pond scum
he was not
just vapors

he thought
she idly waste way for him
little did he think
neighbor would do him in
because vapors rise and rise
she would assist
to knock him back
with just a short list

pack the diapers
pack your coat
get your wheelchair
and the bobby boat
get the pills that make you feel better

phone your mother

pond scum she is not
vapors will rise and rot
you will be jolly with folly
and able and stable
and right with just
smile and thrust

your fist to air
while you laugh back
because neighbor is friend
and spouse be foe and fool

ride swift be safe
my friend
and joyful tool